Huddah Monroe Explains Why She Can’t Love African Men

Huddah MonroeHuddah Monroe is very selective when it comes to the type of men she pushes out with.

The lass dislikes African men and possibly she won’t be dating the ‘inferior’ species any time soon. But wasn’t she smooching all over with them before? Didn’t she recently perfuse her Instagram with photos of a certain African man claiming he was the love of her life and they were going to get married?

Anyway, Huddah could still be suffering from the trauma of dating African men, the likes of Prezzo, Colonel Mustafa probably made her life a living hell that’s why she can afford to spit on the faces of the said species.

Huddah’s alleged boyfriend was black, the kind Huddah loves to hate. That’s where I smelt a rat, after reading what she said about African men, there is no way Huddah could have dated the guy. It was just a publicity stunt to shield herself from all the internet trolls.

Huddah is in Europe spending quality time with some filthy rich white dudes who are cruising with her all over ritzy Mediterranean islands.

It was after she was treated better than Queen Sheba that Huddah revealed she hates men from the dark continent.

Huddah says African men expect TOO much from their ladies prompting ladies to go to extreme depths for the sake of pleasing them.

The socialite spewed her tantrums on African men through her post on social media, below is her message;

I try and stay lean and healthy because I don’t believe a woman should suffer from fat related diseases coz the African man requires a big body ! I hear “African men like light skinned women ” “oh African men like big b00ty ” f*ck*r$ ! A woman’s appearance is not a cocktail MENU. Kindly go give birth to what you like…….. Dear Girls, You can’t be the definition or the imagination of what a man wants , if he wants skinny he can find , if he wants fat he can find , if he wants light skin he can get , if he wants Arab or white he can get .Please, Don’t ever feel uncomfortable or try change yourself for these ungrateful humans! You’ll risk a lot trying to impress a man , just BEyou!!!! The right one will come.

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