Idris Sultan’s Profile

Idris Sultan ProfileAge: 21

Country: Tanzania

Idris is a photographer from Arusha, Tanzania. He enjoys reading anything by Dan Brown.

His musical taste is quite varied, ranging from Chris Brown, Michael Jackson, Usher to Ed Sheeran, Sam Smith, Lana Del Ray and Nina Simone.

Idris says he doesn’t have one specific role model, choosing instead to take the best from every successful person he meets. That said, his mom has influenced his life the most.

He’s most proud of the respect he’s earned by showcasing his skill and creativity in photography.

He says he entered Big Brother Hotshots because he wants to inspire people and make a name for himself in the process.

He feels ‘thrilled, accomplished and totally special’ that the continent will be watching him on the show and describes himself as “smart, flirty and creative”.

Idris is filled with positive energy. He admits to having a strategy, hoping that his fellow housemates will turn to him “when they want to be inspired or when they feel down.”

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