Kemen’s Family Reacts To His “Disqualification” From Big Brother Naija 2017 And Threaten To Sue!!

Kemen’s Family Reacts To His Disqualification From Big Brother Naija 2017A close source to the Ekemini Ekerette also known as Kemen’s family have come out to speak about the unfortunate incident which disqualified the Akwa Ibom born fitness trainer, and of course they are displeased with the punishment, Big Brother making Nigerians feel Kemen is a “pervert/rapist” and most importantly angry that TBoss Idowu couldn’t do anything to save the situation when she had the power to.

Remember, earlier after the sexual harassment incident, TBoss was called into the diary room by Biggie and questioned if she approved of what went down between her and Kemen, and she boldly said, “she didn’t give him permission”, well, that seems to be the bedrock and the basis of Kemen been ousted.

The source claims that the family is agitated that Nigerians judgement about him. Also, Kemen claimed that if TBoss wasn’t comfortable or didn’t approve of what happened on that eventful night, how come she turned to the right without stopping or throwing tantrums. The source says that, immediately when Kemen is back to base, they might sue Big Brother for defamation of character and unlawful justice.

On top of that, the source is of the opinion that, TBoss is like a sacred egg in the show and she might have one or two people who are in high positions in the country and have vested interest in the show, the family claims that Debie-Rise also did something similar to Bassey but wasn’t put in the chopping board but because TBoss is involved, Kemen had to be disqualified?

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  1. Rowland Eneogwe says:

    Vote for Bally,…Bally all the way, he deserves the money… he's matured ,cool and civil mannered. BALLY…BALLY…BALLY #BB NAIJA From ROLLYMAN

  2. Unknown says:

    People Kemen does not respect ladies he failed with Uriel then he tried TBoss

  3. Anonymous says:

    Lol…Bally ai….hes like a parrot…wud say he is the loose tooth in the house! Love his baritone voice though!

  4. Ogbonna Faith says:

    vote TTT

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