The Moment ThinTallTony Stripped Down To His Bare Emotions

ThinTallTony Stripped DownDay 4 of Big Brother Naija was so dramatic and emotional as the like campaign also proceeded.

Well ThinTallTony resorted to some interesting methods to get likes and the Housemates show their poetic side before winning the wager.

She Housemates had to cry their way through the day and one can only ask him or herself one question, was this part if their strategies to win likes in their campaigns to stay in the House?

ThinTallTony literally stripped down to his bare emotions as he not only bared his soul but also his thin tall body in a move which made him even more popular amongst his fellow Housemates.

It is clear that the Housemates are becoming more aware now that they are in a game and some started to realise this.

After such an emotional day filled with tears and naked bodies, the Housemates took welcome respite in the House hiding from the torrential rain that had been falling outside all day which cast an emotional gloom over the household.

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