Nando Khan Taken To Rehab By Family And Friends To Fight His Drug Addiction!!

Nando Khan Taken To RehabFormer Big Brother Africa Season 8 ‘The Chase’ housemate Nando whose real name is ‘Amir Murtazar Khan’ has been checked into Rehab at Kigamboni to solve his heavy drug addiction before it is too late.

Hours after Nando’s drug addiction story went viral [Read more on that here], fellow former Big Brother Africa Housemates and friends have stepped in to help him out.

Big Brother Africa 2014 ‘HotShots’ winner, Idris Sultan and other friends from the Big Brother Africa have come together to help Nando by taking him to rehab since he is currently addicted to drugs.

The Big Brother Africa Season 9 winner revealed this through an interview with Bongo 5 where he talked about his relationship with Nando.

Apparently the two were never really tight friends but just acquaintances since they were both in the same house during the Big Brother Africa contest.

I did not see the need to post anything about Nando firstly because he is not my friend. We are more of acquaintances ever since we were in big brother in 2014. We used to meet in events and parties but I still cannot consider him as close. Together with some of the housemates we have had some hard time to look for his mother’s contact and make her aware of her sons’ state therefore he is now checked into rehab at Kigamboni. I can gladly say he on the recovery road..” Said Idris.

He went on to praise Nando for being smart and a chilled out person he did not think would be caught up in drugs.

Nando is a smart, creative and real than I can be, so I can admit at first I did not know he was using drugs until he confessed to me. Honestly, I did not expect him to be in such a state however his appearance could tell a lot. Telling him to stop was not necessary since at the end of the day it’s his initiative to decide so. As for now, together with my friends, his family and close friends we have taken responsibility to contribute money and make sure he gets assistance till the day they will release him. However, my main goal towards Nando is once he is released I will get mentors to regularly talk to him in that he does not slip as former stars have done. I will support him because he is an incredible person. It my prayer together with former big brother housemates that Nando will fully recover.

Idris, however promised to help find his mum who will help advice Nando in the best possible way.

Below is a short video clip of former Big Brother Africa star Nando’s drug habits:

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