Tobi Bakre reveals he started having sex at age 12, had gonorrhea at 17

Tobi Bakre Says He Started Having Sex At Age 12 And Had Gonorrhea At 17Big Brother Naija 2018 housemate Tobi Bakre has shared what could be considered a very personal experience, according to him, he started engaging in sexual activities at the tender age of 12.

He further stated that he was once treated for a sexual transmitted disease Perhaps the bonding in the Big Brother house is contributing in making the housemates more trusting and relaxed around one another.

Recently, the housemates were given a task to present and it was bothering on unplanned pregnancy and the need to practice safe sex.

During the presentation, the housemates addressed the issue of sexually transmitted disease and the importance of practicing safe sex.

In the heat of the discussion, one of the housemates, Tobi, shared his own personal sexual experiences.

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The two times Head of House revealed how he started having sex at the young age of 12. He further stated that by the age of 17, he contacted the popularly dreaded STD, gonorrhea.

Tobi explained that after being sexually active at age 12, he stopped practicing safe sex after a while as he believed he was clean. He started having unprotected sex.

During his second year in the university, one of his sexual partners called him and told him to run a test as he had infected her with gonorrhea.

He further stated that he was confirmed to have the disease after the test was carried out but he was too ashamed to go to the family doctor, he decided to patronize quack doctors who only worsened his situation.

He eventually opened up to the family doctor and got properly treated. Tobi Bakre revealed that ever since that experience, he has always ensured to practice safe sex in order to protect himself.

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