Day 71: Cindy Wins The Head Of House Title For Week 11

Cindy Wins Head Of House Title For Week 11

Cindy Okafor has won the Head of House title for Big Brother Naija 2019 week 11.

For the Head of House position, 250 Bet9ja Coins and the immunity privilege, the Pepper Dem Gang were Tasked to a challenge of hula-hoops and test tubes.

Given a three-minute countdown, the Housemates were given the challenge to stick as many plastic balls as possible to any hula-hoop aside the ones with their names on it. For this Task, they were allowed to move around and throw their balls on any of their fellow Housemates’ hula-hoop. Basically, each Housemate was given the freedom to throw their balls at all times. Sounds easy? We’ll find out.

The Housemates with the least balls on the hula-hoop sticky tape by the end of the timer emerges as the Head of House.

Frodd, Diane, Cindy and Mercy got the least balls stuck on their hula-hoops. For this reason, they were Tasked to a simple challenge of filling the test tube.

The four qualifiers were provided with a teaspoon and test tube each. For this challenge, they were only required to use the teaspoon provided to fill their test tubes.

For this tiebreaker, the Housemate who fills a test tube to the brim fastest wins the tie.

For filling her test tube to the brim the fastest, Cindy emerged as the winner of the Head of House battle.

What better time to win immunity privilege and a guaranteed week in Biggie’s House? Congrats, Cindy!

She did not only walk out of the Arena with 250 Bet9ja Coins in the bag, but Cindy also left with Mike as her chosen Head of House roommate.

It’s getting hotter in the Pepper Dem House and the survival games are getting more intense. Let’s see how well Cindy’s position plays out in the House, as leader of the Pepper Dem pack.

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