Luis Munana’s Profile

Luis Munana's ProfileReal Name: Luis Tshita Munana

Age: 23

Country: Namibia

Luis has a B. Tech in Financial Information and loves potatoes. His favourite book is The Alchemist and he enjoys the music of Kanye West.

His favourite TV shows are Game of Thrones, The Fixer and The Good Wife, and his favourite film is Ali.

Luis says he loves the river beds in his home town of Rundu, Namibia; “where the mighty Okavango Delta flows into the ocean”.

He calls Los Angeles “the city of dreams where anybody can make it, given the right amount of perseverance and correct hustle”.

His role models are his parents because they had the biggest influence on his life.

“They took care of not only my siblings and me, but also my cousins, grandmother and their own siblings,” he says.

He’s most proud of graduating from university whilst being Namibia’s top male international model.

Luis entered Big Brother Africa Hotshots because Namibia has never been represented by anyone from the Okavango region before. “I’d be grateful to tell my story to Africa – hopefully it inspires many.” he says. He’s excited to have the whole continent watching him.

If he wins the grand prize, Luis will build a film and television studio in Namibia.

The Namibian has a six pack, is fashionable and in with the trends. He says he knows exactly when to wear his vests and when to suit up.

His phobia include needles, snakes and gaining weight.

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