Mira’s Profile

Mira ProfileReal Name: Zulmira Miguel Andre Ngobo

Age: 21

Country: Mozambique

Student intern, Mira, likes to eat pap and beef stew, the music of Sia and Miley Cyrus and watching Lost and Covert Affairs.

Her favourite book is Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers and her favourite actor is Adam Sandler because “I trust him to get a chuckle out of me”.

She has one older sister, and a younger brother and sister.

Her favourite place in Mozambique is Maragra. She says the best thing about Africa is that “it’s the Motherland – you feel the warmth here”.

Her favourite faraway place is the United States, because she loves the diversity there.

If she wins the grand prize, she says she’ll build her parents a retirement home, open a soup kitchen and shelter in the heart of Maputo and start a business to create more employment opportunities.

She describes herself as “fun, honest, reliable, fair and considerate” and says that she’s “laid-back and easy to talk to”.

She enjoys people who are considerate, honest, reliable, fun and opinionated, but doesn’t like rude and judgemental people.

Though she’s self-conscious about her ‘big feet’, Mira loves her face and smile.

Her alter-ego Miss Kiki is fierce, intelligent and very confident. She has been told she looks like Gabrielle Union.

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